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Apart from the fact Coffee#1 in Pershore serve excellent coffee (so I’m told…I don’t drink coffee myself) it also happens to be the place my boyfriend and I had our first official date. It’s a long and actually quite romantic story, but this is where we officially got together in 2016. We hadn’t been back since, until last weekend when we were driving back from Alcester and were in urgent need of something to soak up the monumental alcohol consumption from the night before.

We popped into Coffee#1 and although there was quite a long queue we didn’t mind too much as we were generally moving at a fairly slow pace anyway. I had no idea what I wanted other than it had to be something cold and chocolatey. My boyfriend waited in line whilst I used the loo upstairs and then found us somewhere to sit a the back of the coffee shop. He returned to the table with 2 toasted mushroom & cheese croissants, a Devil’s chocolate frappe for me and a cappuccino and orange juice for himself. Well, this chocolate Frappe was like nothing else I’d ever seen, let me tell you! It was presented in a tall sundae style glass filled with a chocolate and vanilla flavoured frappe, topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate sauce. It looked amazing and tasted even better. Cold, chocolatey and just what I needed. The croissants were really good too, this breakfast really did hit the spot.

Although there always seems to be a bit of a queue to be served, it’s great to see any business doing well in Pershore. Every time I’ve been to Coffee#1 I’ve always managed to find somewhere to sit and usually order a green tea which is great quality as well as being delicious.

Next time I’d like to try one of their cakes which always look so alluring in the display counter. Lots of local friends go to Coffee#1 regularly and always feedback about the great coffee… apparently they do a fantastic hot chocolate according to my Dad!

Cost: £14.50 (approx. I didn’t pay my boyfriend did, but had a quick look at the price list on their online menu)

2 mushroom and cheese croissants, 1 large cappuccino, 1 large frappe, 1 large orange juice

Coffee#1’s menu

Pershore, Worcestershire, United Kingdom – visited in January 2017

Food hygiene ratinggood 4/5 – date of last inspection 10th December 2015