David Everitt-Matthias and Victoria Cronin aka ‘Pershore Patty’ in the kitchen at Le Champignon Sauvage, Cheltenham

My Mother has always been an amazing cook, she encouraged me as a child to bake with her as well as teaching me to make all of the basics from scratch – I still do a mean chilli con carne! I’ve such fond memories of licking the bowl as the Victoria sponge mix went into the tin and salivating as I waited for the cake to rise in the oven. I loved the magic of how a few simple ingredients would transform into something which not only smelt and tasted extraordinary, but also looked so incredibly beautiful.

Although my Mum did cook for our family, my parents also had a business which required them to travel the world, and entertaining clients meant they often ate out. I was fortunate enough to dine with them at some unforgettable restaurants, pubs, tucked away eateries (best kept secrets known only to the locals) and from a young age learnt about fine dining.

Food has always excited me. The journey of reading the words on a menu and picturing in your mind how that plate of food might look, smell and taste. Then it arrives at your table having being created by a clever chef, who you’ll likely never see. It’s entirely fascinating. It’s not just fine dining and Michelin starred restaurants that impress me though, one of my quests on my food journey is to find the perfect burger, if there is such a thing?!

I am a 37 year old woman living in a place called Croome, on the outskirts of Pershore in the Worcestershire countryside. My passion for food and burgers (as well as a few friends) has inspired me to start my food blog ‘Pershore Patty’. I’ll be posting simple recipes that I cook at home with my fiancé, updates on our visits to food places both locally and during our travels… and of course photos of my lovely burgers! Please join the  Worcestershire Foodies Facebook group and  the community to start discussions, help other local foodies and offer your own recommendations. In July 2018 I launched the Worcestershire Foodie Card, giving access to exclusive offers for cardholders  at independent food & drink businesses in Worcestershire. The card is £20 per year (or two for £30) – buy the card here!

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Victoria Cronin aka Pershore Patty with winning Worcestershire Hour ‘Social Media Awards 2017’ trophy and certificate in The Walled Gardens at Croome Court – photo by Peter Young

*Disclosure – The reviews posted on this blog have been written with the sole purpose of sharing my foodie experiences and recommendations. Every post on my site has been entirely funded by myself and Mr R, and without any restaurant’s prior knowledge that we would be writing a review (unless otherwise stated in an individual post). On the infrequent occasion that we do accept invites by a restaurant or brand to review, and we receive any ‘complimentary’ food, drinks or products, this will always be disclosed. In this instance we will endeavour to go back for a return visit, which we will pay for ourselves.

BBC Midlands talks to Pershore Patty about life as a food blogger and her love of burgers.

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