Pershore Patty Services

If you own or manage a restaurant or pub there will be times when you can’t be there. These are the times when the high levels of service you want to provide can slip.

Have you noticed your Trip Advisor ratings have dropped? Are bookings and guest numbers down? Team issues? If so you’ll want to know why.

There is often a simple reason for this and a straightforward solution. Let us help you pinpoint any issues in order to drive your business forward with an impartial and accurate assessment of your business.

In addition to food writing, we have many years’ experience in the hospitality sector and offer a confidential and impartial service for people who run restaurants and pubs from independents to chains.

We provide 3 levels of service –

Level 1

An appraisal of the food, drink and service which will be gathered during a visit to your business. We recommend that our visit is confidential rather like that of a mystery shopper. A report highlighting any good or bad points relating to the food, drink and service will be provided.

Fee: £125

Level 2

A more detailed assessment of your business including the aspects reviewed in Level 1 (Food, drink and service) plus other important factors such as the booking process, ambience, cleanliness, décor and music etc. Again we recommend that this is a mystery shopper type visit and a report will detail our findings.

Fee: £250

Level 3

A covert visit to include the services in Levels 1 & 2 plus a consultancy meeting with the owner/manager. This would involve examining the business in detail, looking at items such as the menu, suppliers, staffing and suggested improvements etc. A detailed report will give a full overview of the business from a customer’s perspective, with the consultancy section featuring recommendations. A follow up review meeting is also included in the fee.

Fee: £500

*Terms and conditions apply.

Please email for a confidential and no obligation enquiry.