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Urban Village Pizza
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{Urban Culture Rural Settings} Cross-feeding of two unlike cultures.
Solving the issue of no food services in rural areas.  Urban Village Pizza also offer pop-up’s & events around the Midlands.
Stone baked in 60 seconds! Italian style, American inspired & British crafted.
Urban Village Pizza’s 24hr proof dough is handmade using Italian ingredients along with their secret pizza sauce. The toppings are relative to the time of year and local area they operate in, and partnering with village farm shops and food brands.
All pizzas are 10 inches, with a medium classic crust. More Neapolitan style rather than pan. 
Focused on taking pizza to the next level. Respect The Craft..

Current Offer

5% off your order when you see Urban Village Pizza at any UK pop up event, food market or festival.

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