Gloucestershire Chilli Farm

Gloucestershire Chilli Farm
Photo credit: Gloucestershire Chilli Farm

Gloucestershire Grown Chilli Products

Where flavour comes first and heat comes second – Gloucestershire Chilli Farm have created products you can use every day in the kitchen. Growing is in their blood, the soil is fertile and the chillies love being grown under glass in Gloucestershire…

“My name is Adam. I’m a third generation grower at my family’s small holding near Newent in Gloucestershire. The holding has been in my family since 1955, it was originally used by my grandparents to grow salad crops like carrots, celery and lettuce.”

Gloucestershire Chilli Farm specialise in Devil’s Pleasure Dried Chillies, Gifts for Chilli Heads, Jams and Jellies, Oils & Vinegar’s,  Pickles & Spices.

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