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Vale Veg Box was first muted between friends Chris and Stu just after Christmas 2018, over a couple of pints of Cider in their local pub.

Chris, started work at Hampton Farm Shop as a teenager for a Saturday job and in 2007 he became a partner in the business. In 2011, Chris and his wife Esther, became the proud owner’s when Sue retired, selling the business safe in the knowledge that they understood and would carry on the shop’s ethos of locally sourced, highest quality produce at a fair price. 

Stu has worked in a number of sales & marketing roles, with brands such as Bass, Cadbury’s, M&J Seafood and Lucozade. He’s a marketer, and loves speaking to customers and understanding what they want from a business. He’s passionate about the environment we live in and the fact The Vale provides some of the best produce in the country.

” I want to introduce our customers to our growers and suppliers, big and small, they have all got a story to tell. It’s becoming more and more important we know what’s on our plates and how it got there “

They now launch their new venture, Vale Veg Box. Their online fruit, vegetable and fresh fish delivery service to Evesham and the rest of the Vale. They are sure they will be meeting lots of new customers and providing lots of fantastic fruit and vegetables. Demonstrating why they are one of our best local farm shops. 

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