Todenham Manor Farm

Todenham Manor Farm
Photo credit: Todenham Manor Farm

Sustainability, it’s key to everything the team do at Todenham Manor Farm who have an incredibly passionate team. They all have a passion for farming with native, traditional and rare breeds, carefully selecting them for their superior taste and tenderness. Combining both tried and tested farming techniques with a very modern understanding of animal welfare they understand the importance of raising each animal with time and respect. All of the animals on the farm are lovingly cared for, as Todenham Manor Farm feel animal welfare is incredibly important and it’s something they pride themselves on.

The animals are respected from field to fork as the team believe that it really does affect the quality of the meat they’re producing. Todenham Manor Farm are uncompromising, giving them complete control over each stage, ensuring that they produce the very best results. It’s payed off too, as they’ve consistently won Great Taste awards across their whole range of products.

When creating and selling such a special product it’s essential to have good provenance, it’s also crucial to create and sell a product that is fully traceable. That’s why most of the meat they sell at Todenham Manor Farm has been born and reared on the farm and the meat that hasn’t has been carefully selected. They would never sell a piece of meat that they wouldn’t eat themselves and that isn’t completely traceable.

Their butchery combines 21st century techniques and skills with a very traditional love of exceptional meats. They like to think they offer the service and products of an old-fashioned butchers’ shop but with the knowledge and skill of a modern chef. The team take meat that’s been grown slowly with care and passion and simply prepares it for customers in the best way they can. Almost everything they sell is aged for a period of time from their lamb and pork which is aged for seven days to their beef which is aged for no less than 28 days. Doing this allows the meat to develop its flavour and tenderness.

Visit the farm shop and you’ll find a passionate team keen to share their knowledge and enthusiasm.



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