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Rubols Fusion Kitchen was set up by Ruby & Holly, cousins from Cheltenham/Cotswolds, with a passion for food & travel. This passion stems from a long family history of living overseas, travelling all over the world, and a love for home cooking. They have always been inspired to play around with different flavours and spices, creating tempting dishes that reflect their travels.

Their love of Mexican & Middle Eastern food grew over the years, and so they combined these flavours to create their own unique fusion dishes, such as the Shawarrito (a cross between a Shawarma Wrap & a Mexican Burrito). Everything they create is lovingly homemade by them using top quality, local ingredients. 

Shawarritos by Rubols can be found at any of their street food events, where they set up their bright pink gazebo outside (or take over pub kitchens) and offer delicious fusion wraps, sides and more!  All details of their upcoming street food events, locations, and timings are available on their website and social media, as well as on the foodie events calendar. So come along for a fun, filled, fusion experience with Rubols.

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10% off all food when you see Rubols Fusion Kitchen at any UK food market or pop-up event with The Foodie Card.

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