BA-HA at The Conservatory

BA-HA at The Conservatory
Photo credit: BA-HA

Frankie and Becky, Co Founders of BA-HA are pleased to announce they have arrived in Worcester!

The BA-HA goal is to build a future based on their passion towards the environment, animal welfare and of course our health. Frankie and Becky both adore being in the kitchen! It all started with a batch of homemade cookies that became increasingly popular.

They went on to create a few other dishes and noticed that they had a large number of non vegans loving their food! The natural next step was to continue to develop BA-HA into the business they have today in Birmingham serving a range of cuisine in various venues.

Having gained many years of experience from the industry the BA-HA team felt they had a great advantage to provide something special to Worcester. It is their passion to share their love for food and Frankie & Becky couldn’t be more excited to join forces with The Conservatory.

A beautiful marriage of food and drink delivered to you in the heart of Worcester!

Well-behaved dogs are welcome in the outdoor patio area.

Current Offer

10% off food Tuesday to Thursday lunchtime with The Foodie Card.

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday: 12 noon-9 pm

Sunday: 12 noon- 6 pm (Sunday roast)

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