The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass
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The Looking Glass was born from a dream from its owners to open a restaurant that showcased the best of The Cotswolds as they are strong believers that the region produces some of the finest ingredients our country has to offer. That dream became a reality in August 2018.

The food will always be fresh. Always free range. Always organic. Never imported. Never mass produced. Never ‘bought in.’ Everything is made in house; from their freshly baked birch sap roll & cultured butter to their own elderflower vinegar.

Traditional sourcing, meets modern cooking…

Current Offer

10% off the food bill (Tues-Thurs) with The Foodie Card.

Opening Hours

Monday to Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday to Thursday:  Brunch & lunch 12 noon-3 pm / dinner 6 pm-9 pm 

Friday to Saturday: Brunch & lunch 9 am-3 pm / dinner 6 pm-9 pm 

Sunday: Brunch 9 am-3 pm

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