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Pershore Juneberries is the home of the gin liqueur.

Native to the Canadian Prairies, Juneberries had never been grown in the UK as a commercial crop before, until Sophie Sidaway first brought back some trees almost 6 years ago. The unique liqueur that Sophie produces from the super berries is delicious over ice, or served with Elderflower tonic or Prosecco. Something a little different for those who love sloe and damson liqueurs, this is an ideal hip flask filler, or Champagne mixer. Pershore Juneberries grow and harvest every berry required to make this unique liqueur in small batch quantities.

Bottles of Juneberry Gin Liqueur can be purchased directly from Amazon in 2 sizes (Foodie Card discount does not apply to online sales).

I met with Sophie back in the summer to find out more about these special berries. Click here to read my blog article about my visit.

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