Pershore Seafoods at Eastgate Market

Pershore Seafoods at Eastgate Market
Photo credit - Pershore Seafoods

David Witts fishmonger sells best quality day boat fish from a stall at Eastgate Market, as well as supplying to the local restaurant trade. Pop in for the catch of the day, and you’ll be given your seafood to takeaway in a sealed, plastic free bag for ultimate freshness.

Ask for a seal & cook bag complete with cooking instructions for microwaving or oven cooking to perfection.

You can also find Pershore Seafoods over in their shop on Pershore High Street.

For orders email or phone on 01452 522527.

Current Offer

15% off any spend over £25 with The Foodie Card.

Opening Hours

Sunday to Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday to Saturday: 8:30 am-5 pm

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