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A Worcester based 100% vegan home bakery, with a range of sweet treats made to order. Cookies, cupcakes, cakes and other options are available in a variety of flavours and prices to suit every budget.

About Amy –

“Ever since going vegan in 2016, I struggled with the lack of cake-y, chocolate-y, sugar-y goodness. Of course I could trek out to London to get my fix, or sit and twiddle my thumbs waiting for vegan Ben & Jerry’s which didn’t yet exist… or I could get my own butt in the kitchen.

Which is exactly what I did. Thanks to a little nudge from a Ms Cupcake recipe book, and lots of tweaking, I found my own replacements for all these things I’d been craving. Friday night chocolate cake? Yep. Mid-week cookies? Got ’em.

I’m registered with the Worcestershire Regulatory Service, have a Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering certificate, and a 5* food hygiene rating with the local council.

Since August 2018 I’ve been loving every buttercream filled minute, and I hope you do too.”

Contact by email, Facebook or Instagram to enquire about orders.

Current Offer

25% off (not in conjunction with any other promotional prices or offers) with The Foodie Card.

Contact Hours

All items are made to order from Amy’s kitchen, so please don’t try to pop round! Amy is available for deliveries or answering emails during the following times –

Monday to Friday: 9 am-8 pm

Saturday to Sunday: 10 am-8 pm