Photo credit - BUN CLUB.

The BUN CLUB is a husband and wife duo with a passion for cooking and making people happy through food. In 2013 Wayne and Laura took a trip to America and discovered and tasted some of the most incredible food cooked over wood – other wise known as slow and low bbq.

Armed with this new found taste and exciting way of cooking they brought this concept to the city of Worcester in 2014 and started learning and producing food cooked in this style. Now 4 years on they are finding new ways of incorporating slow and low bbq into exciting filled buns.

From Korean inspired to traditional Texas bbq they push forward thinking ideas for the likes of catering to the masses. You can find Laura and Wayne hosting a variety of pop up restaurants in the U.K. and are also available for wedding bookings as well as private events too.

Current Offer

10% off all food or buy 3 main meals and get the 4th half price at any UK food market or festival event with The Foodie Card.
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