Charcoal Mushroom and Minute Steak Flatbread | Recipe

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Charcoal Mushroom and Minute Steak Flatbread Recipe

Michelin starred chef Brad Carter of Carters in Birmingham has teamed up with Droitwich Salt to produce a new range of flavoured artisan salts, and they’re a must for any foodie’s store cupboard. I was unable to attend the recent cookery demonstration by chef Carter at Webbs to sample the dishes he made using the salts, but I was sent some samples to try out for myself.  The range of flavours include Charcoal, Sea Truffle and Coastline, but don’t worry you don’t have to be a Michelin starred chef to use them. We wanted to cook something simple that we could throw together as a mid-week meal. This recipe is for charcoal mushroom and minute steak flatbreads, which are super easy to put together. The flavour of the charcoal salt we used to season the meat and vegetables really came through. We used a hot grill pan indoors, but the salt added a charred / BBQ taste without turning on the grill, as we’d hoped that it would. The flavoured salts are available to buy online at Food at Webbs.

This recipe serves 4


4 wraps (we used Mediterranean style wraps)

1 red pepper (we used sweet red pointed peppers)

300g chestnut mushrooms

Salad / lettuce leaves

250g Minute steaks

150g drained fresh mozzarella grated

Charcoal Salt (we used Droitwich Salt)

Black pepper

Soured cream

Extra virgin olive oil


1. Slice peppers lengthways and slice mushrooms. Add to a bowl and mix together with 1 tbsp oil and 1/2 tsp charcoal salt.


2. Season the steaks with charcoal salt and black pepper.


3. Place a griddle pan on a very high heat and add the pepper & mushroom mix. Grill for a few minutes until they are cooked through. Transfer the cooked vegetables into a clean bowl.


4. heat the flatbreads as per packet instructions.


5. Cook the minutes steaks for 30 seconds on each side on the hot griddle pan for medium rare or 30 seconds longer if you prefer your meat more well done. Let the meat rest for a few minutes and then slice into strips.


6. Make up the flat bread with a handful of salad leaves, dollop of soured cream, vegetable mix, steak and grated mozzarella. Fold up and enjoy!