This Is What Our Little Town Has Been Waiting For: Yogi’s Kitchen | Pershore

This Is What Our Little Town Has Been Waiting For: Yogi’s Kitchen | Pershore

When I heard the news that something new and exciting had come to Pershore I could hardly believe my Instagram feed. Yogi’s Kitchen opened up in the Royal Arcade next to Hairatage (near Whistlers) in January and it’s taken me until the middle of April to go along and find out what I’ve been missing. Yogi’s is owned by a young couple (husband and wife team), Channy and Rich. ‘Yogi’ I’m told is the name of their first dog, a Chihuahua, which apparently they now own 5 of! It’s not surprising that the new coffee shop / café / restaurant is very welcoming to customers who choose to bring their pets along. These two 20 somethings have injected a new lease of life into a little corner of Pershore, and they have something pretty special going on.


My first visit on Monday lunch time had been planned as I was due to meet a friend for a catch up, but when I arrived she hadn’t been able to make it. Whilst browsing the menu I heard a familiar voice, it was my friend Pete who I later discovered was a big fan of Yogi’s and has become a regular customer. Pete joined me and introduced me to Channy and Rich, who told us about their plans to expand what is currently a morning and daytime café into the evenings once they have been granted their alcohol licence (hopefully before the end of April 2018). The pair were infectiously enthusiastic and passionate. They were full of ideas for events, special evenings, new menus and exciting partnerships that they hoped to embark on for the future.


The lunch menu starts from midday, currently every day except for Wednesday. Coffee, cakes and a small selection of food is available on Wednesdays between 11:30am-1:30pm as Channy is busy baking delicious cakes for a very tempting display on the front counter. Pete ordered his usual super food granola bowl (£6), which in fact is a coconut bowl filled with yoghurt, granola, compote, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, nuts and dark chocolate. I have to say, this looked delicious and full of goodness. The general theme of the menu is very healthy and there are many breakfast and lunch options suitable for vegetarians, vegans and just ask for gluten free.

Smoothie – the yellow one

There’s a good selection of tea, herbal tea, coffee, latte, coffee on ice, hot chocolate, juices and smoothies to choose from. I was still trying to take everything in on my first visit so wasn’t sure what to order, but Channy picked a white tea for me and asked if I’d like it with aloe vera. I thought this sounded pretty cool and I felt virtuous in the knowledge of starting my day on such a healthy note. Pete told me that he would be ordering a smoothie, so I went along with this too and we chose what was referred to by Channy as ‘the yellow one’. Having no idea what was in this, it was a tasty surprise when it arrived. Apart from mango and banana I’m not sure what other ingredients made up ‘the yellow one’, except I know that Channy gave us another shot of aloe vera which I was sure would be helpful in fighting the cold that I had felt coming since the weekend.

Stacked halloumi & mushrooms on toast

The environment is very light and contemporary in Yogi’s and there’s a definite feel that everything is made from fresh with an importance on the provenance of the ingredients sourced. Fresh food cooked well is not able to be prepared within a couple of minutes, so please do be patient especially if you visit during busier times. The lunch menu starts with toasted sourdough or bagels with a choice of fillings, followed by various omelettes, loaded sweet / jacket potatoes, healthy salads, paninis and wholemeal sandwiches. I went with the stacked halloumi & mushrooms on toast (£7), which also has avocado, tomato, jalepenos, spicy mayo, a side of salsa and I swapped out the rocket for steamed spinach. You can also add chorizo or bacon for an extra £1.50 if you’re feeling hungry, but this filled me up all day as it was so full of goodness.

Green & Blacks dark hot chocolate, cream & marshmallows

I enjoyed my lunch so much at Yogi’s on Monday that I went back on Thursday morning for breakfast. They open from 10am Thursday – Saturday and from 10:30am Sunday – Tuesday.  I was delighted to hear that 2 people had since popped in on my recommendation and left as very happy customers. It was much quieter at breakfast mainly with people coming in for takeaway coffee. I sat in the window watching passers- by whilst I sipped on a Green & Blacks dark hot chocolate (£2.95) – a slightly less healthy start to the day this time. It was just Rich in the kitchen at breakfast and he made up some really tasty fresh American blueberry pancakes (£6.25) for me. There was a drizzle of maple syrup and whipped cream that reminded me of breakfast when I’m over in the States, and these were every bit as good. The pancakes were topped with a hot blueberry compote and had a sprinkling of fresh blueberries on the side. Indulgent, but I didn’t feel guilty in the slightest.

American style pancakes with blueberries

It’s made me very happy to see a new place like Yogi’s Kitchen open up in Pershore, I think this is what our little town has been waiting for. I am a huge fan of The Deli @ Pershore too, and I think these are the types of places that people would like to have the choice to go to. One of the things I felt about Yogi’s is that it’s somewhere I’d feel comfortable to sit alone and eat, which I’d rarely do. As I work from home a lot, I may even use it as a working spot every now and again. I loved the sense of community, and it is definitely a place that will bring local people together. For that reason alone Channy and Rich I applaud you.

Cost: £13 (food only)

2 lunch meals from first visit

Yogi’s Kitchen Facebook page

Pershore, Worcestershire, United Kingdom – last visited in April 2018

Food hygiene rating – awaiting inspection



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