Burgers for Lunch at Sampson’s Burgers | Friar Street, Worcester

Burgers for Lunch at Sampson’s Burgers | Friar Street, Worcester

Popular burger man Carl Sampson has been flipping burgers in his new kitchen for nearly 6 months now, after year’s of serving them from a van on the A38 between Worcester and Droitwich. Mr R and I went along to the launch night of the new ‘Sampson’s’ just days before the official opening and got the chance to sample various items from the new menu. We (me in particular) were huge fans of Sampson’s burgers, and I have been looking for an opportunity to go back ever since.

Just before Christmas my best friend and I wanted to meet up for a bite to eat and a catch up in Worcester. We both share a mutual appreciation for good burgers, so I knew this was the place to take her. As I’d only been once before I wasn’t too sure of the set up. We sat and read through the menus, but it wasn’t clear to us if we were meant to order at the counter of if it would be waitress service, as it had been at the launch event.  After a while we both realised we needed to go up and order and we saw the burger of the week special on a black board.

Burger of the week

On the menu there is a great lunch time deal for £10. You just need to choose a burger, side and drink (includes small house wine or half draught beer / cider) from those listed and an ‘add on upgrade’ option is also available if you’d like an alternative choice. The cheese burger (£7.80) was this week’s burger special and it ticked all of the boxes, so we went with one each along with some ‘porkey fries’ (£4.45) and melting cheese sticks (£4.45) – sod the diet! We also ordered a diet Coke each and were given a receipt to take to the bar and collect the drinks. Just to recap that Sampson’s is based within The Conservatory bar and is a separate business working from the same premises, therefore drinks are served separately.

Cheese burger special

We didn’t have to wait long before our food arrived at the table, and it looked like we were in for a feast. The first thing I noticed about the burger itself was how juicy it looked without being greasy. The patty had the taste of the grill on the outside, but it was still moist on the inside. The melted cheese on top was American style – the only way in my opinion, and the sandwich was flavoured up with some roast garlic mayo on top. Underneath the handmade beef burger was a fresh piece of crispy gem lettuce, and a slice of raw red onion for some crunch. All that was left to do was to grab it with both hands, squueze together and enjoy. My friend and I both took our time and savoured every mouthful. It was even more filling than it looked and definitely value for money.

Melting cheese sticks

At first glance the melted cheese sticks just looked to me like the usual deep-fried mozzy sticks that you’d find anywhere. There was a mammoth portion of them (we may have over ordered a little with the sides), but thery were bloody fantastic. The seasoning on the outside made them completely different to any mozzarella stick I recall having eaten before, and mozzy sticks really are my thing. They were perfectly crispy and salty on the outside and the cheese oozed out of the centre with each bite. Double dunking when in good company could be seen as bad manners, but I didn’t care as I smothered every piece of the melted cheesy goodness with Sampson’s special sauce.

Porkey fries – yum!

I’d tried the Porkey fries whilst at the launch, and had absolutley loved them. The fries weren’t quite how I’d remembered them from before, as they were crispier and didn’t seem to have as much of the skin-on, but were still very good. They were covered with a generous squeeze of Sampson’s own recipe Baconaise, smoked bacon pieces and finished with fresh chives. Although ridiculously moreish we were still unable to finish the bowl between us.

We had a great lunch and I’m a huge fan of Sampson’s burgers. It’s great to see Carl make the transition from his much loved burger van to serving from a restaurant kitchen, but Sampson’s deserves a place of its own as I believe his burgers are destined for much greater things.

The man behind the burger – Carl Sampson

Sampson’s are continually coming up with new ideas for burger specials and irresistible deals. In fact their Facebook page is a constant stream of mouth-watering burger porn, which will make you want to keep going back for more. Carl and his team keep you updated on Facebook with all of the big burger news as well as how to get your hands on Sampson’s gift vouchers to treat your friends, Sampson’s branded snap back caps, branded aprons and you can even buy Sampson’s very own special recipe Baconaise and BBQ rub. Go check it out!

Cost: £24.50 (food only) *Although our burger and side choices were not included in the lunch deal, Carl was kind enough to still offer us the deal price, so we paid only £20 in total for our food and drinks.

2 burgers, 2 sides

Sampson’s menu

Worcester, Worcestershire, United Kingdom – last visited in December 2017

Food Hygiene rating is good 4/5  – last inspected 6th March 2017

Food hygiene good

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