Mad Snacks Street Food at the Firefly | Worcester

Mad Snacks Street Food at the Firefly | Worcester

“The menu is changing in the next few weeks. Nothing too drastic, however a few tweaks and improvements on our items. We have also added some of our recently most popular ‘sandwich of the week’ favourites”.

The Firefly Worcester has always been known to me as a venue for live music and one of Worcester’s best pubs, serving craft beer and real ales. What I hadn’t appreciated is that they have their own microbrewery onsite, which was established in 2012. When I asked co-owner Ray if they still brew their own beer, he said that they haven’t brewed recently, although they do hope to again soon. Ray told me that the plans rely largely on having the right weather conditions as to when they can get started with the beer brewing process.

I’ve been going to the Firefly since it opened in 2004, back when I was still living in Worcester. For years I met up with friends there for Friday night drinks, and in more recent times to watch and support great bands playing on the first floor of the strikingly tall Georgian building, which was once home to the manager of the famous old vinegar works in Lowesmoor.

It had never occurred to me to order food at the Firefly, until over the past couple of months when I saw a selection of mouth-watering photos on Instagram posted by Mad Snacks Street Food. They’ve had a pop up kitchen at Firefly Hereford (as well as their food truck), since owners Matt Pugh and Ray Velasquez opened the Hereford pub in April 2016. A partnership that was clearly working very well, as from 22nd June in 2016, Mad Snacks brought their smokehouse food to Worcester!

Mac n cheese bites, halloumi fries and dirty fries

Mr R and I went along to Firefly Worcester to find out more. We walked straight to the bar and waited a few moments for the bar man to appear as it was a quiet Monday evening and he was serving alone. We said we wanted some food and he explained that there were menus on the table, he also handed one to us and said we could order at the bar whenever we were ready. As we sat by the window, the bar man came to our table with cutlery and sauces. We were still trying to narrow our options down to something reasonably sensible, without ordering the entire menu. The Monday special includes any hotdog and a pint of Pilsner Urquell for £10. The sandwich of the week listed on the chalk board behind the bar, was pork shoulder with lime and coriander dressing, cheese and slaw, with Cholula Hot Sauce. The sandwich had sold out, but either way I knew already that I’d be having the O.G burger (6oz beef with house pickles, cheese, bacon, mustard and a beef tomato). Meanwhile Mr R was deciding whether to join me or go for the grilled cheese sandwich (which eventually he did), I flicked the menu to take a look over the fries & sides. We agreed on trying the mac n cheese bites, halloumi fries and the smoked brisket chilli, cheese and jalapeno fries aka ‘dirty fries’.

Grilled cheese sandwich (Swiss, cheddar, American cheese, mozzarella and pickles)

Mr R was very happy with his choice and even let me try a bite of the grilled cheese. The sandwich came as a sub rather than flat bread but was packed with lots of oozy cheese and pickles. The mac n cheese balls were deep fried and had a thick, crispy outer coating. When we opened them up, the inside was full with macaroni and cheesy goodness. The halloumi fries were coated in polenta and the strips of cheese then deep fried – we were a big fan of those. Our ‘dirty fries’ arrived fully loaded with the smoked brisket chilli, finished with melted cheese and topped with sliced jalepenos. The only thing I missed was a cooling sour cream dip on top of the dirty fries, or maybe some of that sriracha mayo for dunking the halloumi fries.

The main purpose of our visit was to check out the famous O.G burger, which I had high hopes for. With the likes of Burger Shop Worcester, Hanbao, GBK and now Sampson’s at The Conservatory and Byron coming to Worcester, I was curious how the O.G was going to compete.

The O.G burger

My first thoughts were that the O.G was bigger than I had envisaged, and I could see that each component consisted of fresh and quality ingredients. The slow smokehouse style of cooking results in a perfectly smoke infused beef patty, with notable flavours of the chargrill. As I took a bite, I could see that the meat retained its pink colouring (whilst still being cooked through), and the burger was both tender and juicy. Then cheese is properly melted on top with a rasher of bacon, lettuce for texture, a slice of beef tomato, a squirt of mustard and it’s all encased in a soft, toasted, seeded bun. I struggle to find any fault with this burger, and it’s only £7!

In fact all of the food was great value. Sandwiches and burgers are currently priced at £7 each (add fries & slaw for an extra £3 or sweet potato fries & slaw for an extra £4). The foot-long bratwurst hot dogs (vegetarian and vegan options available), are £8 each and all fries and sides are £4 each. As well as offering a sandwich of the week, there’s a £10 hotdog deal on Mondays, it’s 3 for £6 on the ‘killa taco’ menu (they’re releasing a full authentic taco menu soon!) on Tuesdays and on Wednesdays it’s 2 hotdogs for £12.

Clinte Webbe who’s behind Mad Snacks Street Food told me… “the menu is changing in the next few weeks. Nothing too drastic, however a few tweaks and improvements on our items. We have also added some of our recently most popular ‘sandwich of the week’ favourites”.

The verdict overall from both of us was very good. My hope is that they decide to keep the O.G burger on the new menu as it’s a strong contender and in my opinion, it’s one of the best burgers Worcester has to offer.

Cost: £26 (food only)

Burger, sandwich, 3 sides

The kitchen is open Mon-Tues: 5-9pm, Wed-Fri: 12-3pm & 5-9pm, Sat: 12-9pm and Sun: 12-6pm. For more Mad Snacks Street Food updates and info on their summer BBQ’s, check out their Facebook page.

Worcester, Worcestershire, United Kingdom – last visited in July 2017

Food hygiene rating is very good 5/5 – last inspection 11th November 2015

Food hygiene very good


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