Raclette Cheese Burgers at Friar Street Kitchen | Worcester

Raclette Cheese Burgers at Friar Street Kitchen | Worcester

Friar Street Kitchen are so proud of their steaks that they boast on their Facebook page to have the best steaks in Worcester. We’ll definitely be trying one of those when we go back!

Friar Street Kitchen in Worcester is an independent, British restaurant owned by Kate and Matthew Sanderson, who bought the premises (previously Burgerworks) and opened its doors to Worcester diners in April 2017. The young couple are both from farming families, so its no surprise that their ethos is to support local farmers and to cook using ingredients that they have sourced locally.

FSK don’t have a website at present but Kate does a great job of keeping their Facebook page up to date with info about where ingredients have been sourced, new specials, menu changes and more. In fact Kate’s recent Facebook post announcing that they had a raclette grill, which they bring to the table and serve straight on to your steak, burger or sandwich, got me over there at the first available opportunity!

I called just after 3pm on Friday afternoon and although they were closed at this time, a friendly lady answered the phone and was happy to book us a table for the same evening. Obviously when we arrived we knew exactly what we wanted, but had a good look at the menu to see what else was on offer. There were 6 starters listed which included a homemade chicken liver pate, port & stilton pate, tempura prawns, homemade Cornish crab cakes, smoked salmon, brie wedges as well as a selection of toasted garlic flatbreads with homemade humus.

The Herefordshire steaks are listed next, all served with a grilled flat field mushroom, vine tomatoes, onion rings and hand-cut chips and salad. Dauphinoise potatoes or garlic butter green beans can be added for a £1 supplement. Turn the page and there’s a choice of chicken, steak or vegetable skillets which come served on sizzling cast iron at your table. The burger options are the Herefordshire beef burger, Wyle house Farm lamb burger and chicken breast burger. 4 different steak sauces are also available, presumably to accompany your steak, skillet or burger.

The specialities on offer that evening were pan fried hake with Worcester asparagus  – ‘catch of the month’ and a vegetarian feta, mint and lemon tortellini made by The Cooking Cooks in Herefordshire. I looked up to the wall and right there on the specials board in white chalk was the raclette – a sweet and nutty French cheese, grilled at your table. This was exactly what we had come for.

Specials board

We ordered the tempura prawns and crab cakes to start, both were served on a slate and came with sour dough, butter and a salad garnish. The crab cakes were filled with white Cornish crab meat, fried in breadcrumbs and complimented with the delicious homemade lemon and black pepper mayo that came on the side. The huge tempura prawns were light and simply served with a pot of sweet chilli sauce. I asked the waitress what was in the salad dressing as it was so yummy. Co-owner Kate came back to our table to chat with us and revealed the secret ingredients of the dressing. I would tell you but it’s a secret.

Tempura prawns ?
Crab cakes ?

A short while later we saw Kate come out of the kitchen with the raclette and grill, we watched as the cheese melted and began to bubble under the heat. The Herefordshire burgers were brought to the table, Mr R chose the Hereford Hop cheese for his, but waited patiently whilst the generous serving of French cheese was scooped onto my burger. Kate kindly allowed me to video the cheese porn moment, which can be viewed here.

The quality Herefordshire beef patty was well seasoned and juicy. It had a tightly packed meaty texture which doesn’t allow to specify how you’d like your meat cooked, but this is not a criticism, we both thoroughly enjoyed the burgers and ate the lot. The Knightwick bacon was really crispy, this was a bonus for us as it’s the only way we would opt for bacon on a burger. I’m not sure what was in the secret sauce, although it certainly added some extra moisture without overpowering the flavour of the meat. The hand cut, skin on chips were great too. Something Mr R is quite particular about and they got the thumbs up from him.

6oz “two counties” beef burger with grilled raclette cheese ? ?

We often have a cheese board for dessert since neither Mr R or I have a particularly sweet tooth. The exception is on the rare occasion we find a really good pudding (usually chocolatey) and then we have no problem at all devouring one between us. Both in agreeance that we’d probably had enough cheese already and couldn’t resist something from ‘the naughty ones’ section of the menu, we went ahead and ordered the cookie monster. You’ll need one of these when you go to FSK, so just to give the heads up, one between 2 of you is plenty. The cookie monster is a plate of baked chocolate chunk cookie dough, surrounded by warm giant marshmallows, topped with salted vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Need I say more!

The Cookie Monster ?

After dinner we chatted a little more to Kate (thank you for putting up with us and all of our questions) and she left us to finish our drinks. Despite the restaurant now being almost full, Kate was on hand to give us the bill and make sure we were happy with everything.  As you might remember from one of my previous posts ‘where’s the waiter when you want to pay the bill?’, this made for a very refreshing change for us.

We can’t speak highly enough about Friar Street Kitchen and have since been recommending them to everyone. I urge you to pick up the phone and book a table NOW!

Friar Street Kitchen are so proud of their steaks that they boast on their Facebook page to have the best steaks in Worcester. We’ll definitely be trying one of those when we go back!

Cost: approx. £50 (food only)

2 starters, 2 mains, 1 dessert

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Worcester, Worcestershire, United Kingdom – last visited in June 2017

Food hygiene rating –  very good 5/5 – last inspected 21st September 2017

Food hygiene very good

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