10 of the Best UK Food Blogs to Follow | Bloggers

10 of the Best UK Food Blogs to Follow | Bloggers

There are so many fantastic food blogs around so how do you know which ones to follow? Some of my favourites blogs are the ones who have (probably unknowingly) been inspiring me along the way with recipe ideas, where to eat out and have supported me with my own food blog journey.

This is a shout out to my top 10 best UK food blogs to follow!

1. Stuffed.

Natalie Brereton’s post entitled ‘Bristol’s Bad-Ass Burgers’ popped up when I did a google search for somewhere good to get a burger in Bristol. I tweeted Natalie and she recommended we stop at Three Brothers Burgers which was super helpful. The cool thing was that we instantly followed each others blogs and social media accounts and we’ve continued to support each other ever since.  I was new to blogging and at the time and didn’t have blogging pals, so I consider Natalie to have been my first.

Why you should follow the blog…It has everything you need to know about Bristol’s food scene and more. There’s information and news on food festivals, parties and new restaurants in the area. A new section ‘The Burger List’ has recently been added to the blog, presumably inspired by Natalie’s love of a good burger – I’ll be keeping an eye out for updates on this. Natalie is originally from Devon so there’s loads of recommendations of where to eat when you’re venturing a little further south.

You can read more on the blog www.stuffed265.wordpress.com

Natalie Brereton

2. Easy Peasy Foodie

Eb Gargano is a Sussex based food writer sharing tips on blogging, reviewing foodie products and books, as well as creating easy peasy recipes that are healthy and family friendly. I met Eb on Twitter when I found her pork and mushroom stroganoff recipe, which has since become one of my favourites and I cook it regularly for a week day dinner. Easy Peasy Foodie also inspired me to make cauliflower rice for the first time. It sounds silly, but I never really liked the idea of it and now I serve it with pretty much everything. One of my favourite recipes from the blog is the Harissa Prawns with Coconut Cauliflower Rice which is also gluten free. Eb works relentlessly on her blog and is currently ranked #66 in the Foodies 100 list for the UK’s top food blogs. No one deserves it more in my opinion!

Why you should follow the blog… recipes to impress that are healthy and hassle free. If you’re looking for inspiration to cook for the family, guests or just for you, head over to the easy midweek meals section and you’ll find what you need.

You can read more on the blog www.easypeasyfoodie.com

Easy Peasy Foodie
Easy Peasy Foodie’s Chicken Shawarma on Insta

3. Lucienne Simpson

Lucienne’s Instagram account is what first caught my attention, she’s one of those gifted people whose food photos make you want to take a bite out of the screen. Lucienne Simpson (now Thompson) lives in Cheltenham, one of the places I love to eat so I enjoy reading her reviews about restaurants I’m yet to try as well as inspiration on where to go next. I remain hopeful that she’ll consider posting recipes for some of her homemade creations on her blog too. Although Lucienne doesn’t seem to shout loudly about her blog, her writing doesn’t go unnoticed and appears in foodie publications such as Crumbs Magazine and was the winner for ‘Taste of Glos: Young Foodie of the Year in 2016.

Why you should follow the blog… Here’s where you’ll find the best restaurants to eat in Cheltenham and what to order when you get there. There’s also posts from Lucienne’s travels to other UK cities including London, Bristol, Nottingham and more. Lucienne really does know her stuff  and is passionate about food, this comes across in her writing.

You can read more on the blog www.lucienne.simpson.blogspot.co.uk

Lucienne Simpson
Seasonal asparagus at No. 131 Cheltenham

4. Gills Gills Gills

I love to eat fish but find that because I’m busy and want to make quick meals, cooking with it can be a bit of a hassle at home. When I’d recently picked some wild garlic from the garden I wanted to find a new recipe to make use of it. Twitter is usually my first point of call and that’s where I found out how to make this smoked mackerel carbonara by food blogging friends Gills Gills Gills. They loved that I had tried and shared their recipe on my own blog and I let them know when I cooked it again just a couple of weeks ago. As well as posting lots of amazing fish recipes they write about their globe trotting foodie travels. These 2 are on a pursuit to get people cooking and eating more (sustainable) seafood.

Why you should follow the blog… if you love seafood but tend to shy away from cooking it at home, this blog is perfect for you. There’s also a selection of London seafood restaurants reviews with amusing fishy puns throughout.

You can read more on the blog www.gillsgillsgills.com

Gills Gills Gills
Posting about their New Crab Linguine recipe on Insta

5. Eat With Ellen

What draws me to this blog are the yummy food reviews. News journalist Ellen Manning writes about her food experiences at restaurants throughout the UK and some of her overseas travels. Being based in Warwickshire the majority of her reviews are for places to eat in and around the Midlands. Although Ellen doesn’t share recipes on her blog, we know she likes to cook as she regularly post pictures of her culinary creations on her Instagram account.

Why you should follow the blog… reviews reviews reviews. Ellen’s blog is all about telling us where’s good to eat, with a few posts addressing topical food-related issues. The handy where I’ve eaten section lists all of her posts by area so it’s easy to find restaurants close to where you live.

You can read more on the blog www.eatwithellen.com

Eat with Ellen
The Laughing Gravy in London on Insta

6. Full to the Brum

Laura’s popular blog Full to the Brum received acknowledgement by readers when it was announced winner of the Birmingham Awards 2015 for ‘blog of the year’. It’s no wonder that Full to the Brum receives countless mentions in the local press such as the Birmingham Mail. Laura’s Birmingham food blog has also been referred to in foodie magazines such as Olive magazine, she was interviewed by Hungry House as well as writing an article about what makes a really great burger. Laura recently appeared personally on BBC Midlands Today talking about The Wilderness, a Birmingham restaurant who have introduced a dining deposit in an attempt to tackle a problem with no shows, which was impacting on their business.

Why you should follow the blog… This is a blog which celebrates everything food and drink in the second city aka Birmingham. There’s a list of restaurants Laura has reviewed in Birmingham making it easy to navigate. The site also includes news, product reviews as well as the occasional recipe.

You can read more on the blog www.fulltothebrum.co.uk

Full to the Brum

7. Colonial Cravings

I first heard about Colonial Cravings when I came across a recipe to make a spinach and paneer filo pie. I’d never cooked anything similar before and am no baker myself, but felt inspired by the ingredients list in the recipe to give it a go. My attempt was a triumph and have since been keeping an eye on the blog for more of Coriander’s (aka Cori Pim-Keirle) savoury and sweet baked creations. Don’t just take my word for it, Cornish girl Coriander was last year crowned Winner of Guardian home cook of the year 2016.

Why you should follow the blog… a one stop blog to finding the best baking recipes, inspired by Coriander’s travels in the US and her return back home to the UK (hence the blogs name). Follow her travel journey through the recipes like these Jalapeno-cheddar biscuits that remind her of road trips through the Great Smoky Mountains and a yummy Merveilleux recipe influenced by a recent trip to France.

You can read more on the blog www.colonialcravings.com

Colonial Cravings

8. Miss Pond

Food and gin lover Miss Pond has been writing about her food travels since 2014. Most of her restaurant reviews are in Worcester, Birmingham and Manchester, the places she loves and has lived. The blog features write ups about cookery classes, visits to food festivals, reviews, recipes and even has it’s own page dedicated entirely to gin.

Why you should follow the blog… from comfort food, quick meals, baking and more, Miss Pond shares her recipes to compliment every mood. You’ll also love her top tips and reviews, keeping you up to date with giveaways, hidden gems, new menus and foodie finds.

You can read more on the blog www.misspond.com

Miss Pond

9. Burger Lad

As a burger lover myself, I’ve been following the adventures of Burger Lad long before thinking about starting my own food blog. As the name suggests, these guys are serious about burgers. They have an impressive library of burger reviews on the blog, keeping you up to date with new menus, new burger restaurants as well as the latest on the big burger chains in the UK. Since first launching their site in 2012 Burger Lad and co have come along way and now attract over 200,000 unique visitors to their blog every month.

Why you should follow the blog… Burger Lad is the industry recognised number one burger review website in the UK. The team proudly boast to have the most extensive burger review archive anywhere.

You can read more on the blog www.burgerlad.com

Burger Lad

10. Veggie Foodie

Birmingham based food blogger and vegetarian Andy Hare writes about the places to eat in Brum that veggies may not have considered going to. Veggie Foodie is a one stop shop for vegetarian dining in Birmingham and the only veggie / vegan blog to be shortlisted in the Midlands Food Drink & Hospitality Awards 2017. This is a man on a mission to prove that vegetarian doesn’t necessarily mean boring or predictable.

Why you should follow the blog… If you are a vegetarian (or even if you’re not) living in or visiting Birmingham, this blog offers a guide of where to eat out. As well as restaurant reviews, Andy also blogs about veggie foodie cafes, pop-ups and events. Good luck with the awards Andy!

You can read more on the blog www.veggiefoodie.com

Veggie Foodie

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