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The Inn at Welland

Nestled on the outskirts of Malvern and just outside tourist hot spot Upton-Upon-Severn, this family run country inn is a South Worcestershire culinary gem. In August 2010 husband and wife David and Gillian began their journey at The Inn at Welland with an ambition to give the property a makeover and re-open for business. Their desire for perfection led them deeper into the project, finding themselves almost rebuilding, although still able to retain the original façade. The combination of Gillian’s background in design and interiors, along with David’s catering background, was sure to be a recipe for success for this venture.

Less than a year later in June 2011, David and Gillian were open for business and they now offer customers the quality and well executed food that they had planned from the start. A wide range of local wines sourced by David, who has applied his hobby of procuring world wines at sensible prices, in order to offer over 30 wines which can be sampled by the glass.

Six years along and the business is still evolving. An installation to build a poly tunnel has just been completed; the idea being to increase the kitchens’ grow-your-own capability through their gardener, Dave Gretsy. Chef Alex Boghian heads up the kitchen team who proudly create The Inn at Welland’s menu. Their signature dishes include spit-roasted Poussin from the rotisserie, slow braised & roast sucking pig, wild salmon fillet in brioche, and home-made liquorice ice cream to name a few.

My partner and I booked a table mid-week for dinner and we were both eager to sample the menu, the wine, and of course one of The Inn at Welland’s signature cocktails created by mixologist Micky Pearson. The waiting staff were attentive and friendly from the off and the restaurant and bar area stylish yet comfortable. We were delighted with our table where we could still just about see through the window and into the garden with the remaining spring evening light. Our waitress pointed out the specials on the boards hanging from the walls opposite us. We both opted for a seafood starter from the main menu – seared scallops and the terrine of pressed octopus. Both also meat lovers, we opted for the woodland pork tenderloin and homemade beef burger to follow. The starters were impressive, refined and visually stunning. I devoured the plate of perfectly cooked scallops, savouring the tangy tomato, pepper and lime dressing. Meanwhile my partner admired and enjoyed the sublime harmony of flavours and textures of the fresh octopus and caviar foam. Both starters artistically presented on stylish dark grey Artis plates.

You can always judge a restaurant by its burger. The thick, quality, chargrilled beef was seasoned beautifully and cooked to perfection. The attention to detail of the imaginative pork dish, cooked using the highest quality of ingredients and presented alongside a unique carrot & cabbage parcel creation, were all part of what made every mouthful of this dish divine. My favourite cheese, St Eadburgha, was listed on the dessert menu, therefore a cheese board was essential! We also thought the selection of mini desserts would be fun to share. The cheesecake was our favourite amongst the trio of desserts, which also included a taster portion of a warm apple crumble and the dark chocolate ganache. It was the cheese board that stole the show for us, an exceptional choice of soft, hard, goat’s and blue cheeses sourced both locally and nationally.

It’s the couples’ ethos that earned the establishment the accolade of featuring in the top 100 restaurants in the UK in 2015, the same ethos which still makes The Inn at Welland a local hero today.

Cost: £65 (food only)

2 Starters, 2 mains, 2 desserts

The Inn at Welland’s Menu

Malvern, Worcestershire, United Kingdom – last visited in March 2017

Food hygiene ratingvery good 5/5 – last inspected 20th January 2016

Food hygiene very good