Tapas at Primo Bar and Dining | Worcester

Tapas at Primo Bar and Dining | Worcester

Although Primo Bar and Dining has been established for over 12 months in Worcester, (taking over the Sidbury site, previously Bindles) it hadn’t really been somewhere I’d heard people talk about. Only recently when I saw that Next Generation networking group were holding their events at Primo did it occur to me that I hadn’t been since the new owners and cousins, Ali and Yanni Cokaj took over in March 2016.

I had an opportunity to venture into Worcester to catch up with a close friend and to celebrate her birthday, and as the ‘foodie’ it was left to me to decide where to go. We agreed on Primo and I called ahead a couple of days before to book a table for the 4 of us. Our reservation was for 7:30pm on the Friday evening. Mr R and I arrived a little late as we’d had a couple of cheeky cocktails in The King’s Head beforehand and got carried away with the time. Our friend’s were already there having drinks in the seated bar area chatting with some people who they knew. We joined them for an aperitif and made it known to the bar staff that we had a table booking. They were extremely accommodating and allowed us to sit in the bar until we were ready, which was close to around 8:30pm. There was no complaint from them at all, despite us being almost an hour later than our reservation.

We were taken upstairs away from the Friday night bar drinkers to our table in the restaurant. I’d looked at the online menu earlier in the day which had sounded great, with a range of tapas to choose from in addition to the traditional courses. Wine was ordered and our attention turned to the menu. We all had our eyes on the same starter, the cauliflower tartlet. I made a suggestion that we order a few dishes to share from the tapas / light bite menu and throw in a couple of the tartlets. Our friends seemed happy with the selection I ordered on their behalf, which also included halloumi cheese, roasted red pepper hummus, smoked mackerel pate and the tiger prawns.

Again 3 of us wanted the same main course of Cornish hake linguini. My other choice would have been to go with the Primo burger, but for me, the burger is a tricky option when eating somewhere new for the first time and I do tend to judge a restaurant by it’s burger! It was a tough call, but I decided to stick with the hake and then my friend’s husband opted for the burger, so I knew I’d get to try it after all!

The young waitress serving us was really friendly and personable, she chatted and laughed with us as well as looking after the group of women on the table next to us who were celebrating a birthday. The tapas and starters were brought out to our table in good time and all were served fresh and hot. The food looked tempting and really well presented. The cauliflower tartlets were every bit as delicious as we’d hoped for them to be. One of the details we all noticed was that although the plates were served tapas style, the chef had included enough of everything for all for us to try each dish. There was no fighting over prawns or pieces of bread or feeling awkward because somebody was going to miss out on something.

My friend’s husband popped to the gents and whilst he was gone the main courses were delivered to the table by our friendly waitress. The hake linguini presented in front of me looked absolutely wonderful as did Mr R’s and my friend’s plates which were exactly the same. Then the burger arrived and was placed at the empty seat. We sneakily pinched one of the fries and glanced at the plate, suddenly burger envy kicked in! What had I done? My hake looked fantastic, it tasted fantastic, but Primo’s burger looked immense. I have no other choice but to return!

When our absent member returned to the table, he was confronted with a hard glare across the table from me. Thankfully he is a very generous man and asked “would you like to try my burger”? We each took a bite into what was the best ‘restaurant burger’ I have eaten so far this year. I was still doing pretty well as the hake linguini was also delicious with the fillet cooked perfectly and a tasty sauce that didn’t overpower the flavour of the fish. The portions are generous and after the main courses we were suitably full and feeling very satisfied.

Next time we intend to try more of the tapas selection, a pudding or two and, of course, the burger ?

Cost: £92.50 (food only)

2 Starters, 4 tapas / light bites, 4 main courses

Primo Bar and Dining’s Menu

Worcester, Worcestershire, United Kingdom – last visited in April 2017

Food hygiene rating5/5 very good– date of last inspection 12th April 2016

Food hygiene very good

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