Real Italian Pizza at Casa La Cucina Italiana | Evesham

Real Italian Pizza at Casa La Cucina Italiana | Evesham

Pizza was on my mind. There was only one place to get good pizza reasonably close to Pershore in my view, that’s the Elgar Inn of course! My boyfriend reminded me about an Italian restaurant he wanted to go back to with me. We had walked past it when we popped into The Royal Oak in Evesham for lunch just a few weeks ago. I remember looking at the exterior of Casa La Cucina on Vine Street and briefly glancing at the lunch menu on the board outside, thinking at the time that if I didn’t go back and go inside, somehow I’d be missing out.

We called ahead just to check they could fit us in and that pizza would definitely be on the menu. It was around 3 in the afternoon when we got to Evesham and I was starting to feel quite excitable about the prospect of anything doughy and cheesy by now. Behind the bold black and white façade was a large restaurant divided into different areas. A very modern black leather and dark wood decor throughout, installed by its owners in the refurbishment when Casa first opened in 2015. The adjoining parallel room still had the original wood panelled wall. Another corner of the room had been utilised for a private or more intimate dining experience which was separated from the other tables, although still within the main restaurant. In contrast to the dark lighting at the front part of the building, at the back is a huge glass conservatory extension.

Our waiter promptly took our drinks and food order. We didn’t have to wait long before our starters arrived either, this kitchen and restaurant team were running a smooth operation. I ordered the insalata spinaci, Mr R opted for the polpette and we had a flatbread with mozzarella, garlic oil and rosemary. The spinach salad was simple, fresh, colourful and topped with crispy pancetta and parmesan. The meatballs were homemade, lean and served in a smooth tomato sauce. In hindsight ordering the flatbread was indulgent and absolutely unnecessary, but my God it tasted good!

When I spotted calzone at the bottom of the pizza list, I couldn’t resist. It was filled with mozzarella, bolognese, spicy marinated chicken, chilli, mushrooms and peppers. There was an option to turn any pizza on the menu into a calzone, but this one ticked all of the boxes for me. Luckily Mr R chose a pizza so I got to try both. The thin, hot dough was cooked but still soft, leaving no reason for leaving these crusts! My calzone was filled generously and the Sofia pizza was loaded with fresh toppings finished with more garlic oil and rosemary. This was pizza heaven!

Monumentally stuffed and not quite able to finish the food ordered entirely by our eyes and not by our stomachs, we declined the offer of a pudding, at first. We took a cheeky glance at the dessert list, both noticing the oven baked banana and Belgian wa?e covered with to?ee and chocolate sauce. We couldn’t. Oh, but we did! Neither of using being a fan of cooked bananas we asked our waiter if they would make us a non banana version of the pudding. Although it wasn’t the most creative or refined dessert in the world, it was a great way to end of hugely indulgent lunch. A hot waffle covered in gooey chocolate and toffee sauce, topped with vanilla ice cream, what’s not to like?

During the course of our meal we overheard staff taking phone bookings for dinner, trying to squeeze diners into the already full 125 cover restaurant. Following our fantastic lunch it was no surprise to us that Casa was a popular place for locals to eat. The staff showed us around the conservatory which led through to the garden, we took advantage of the opportunity to chat to them during a quiet period before the imminently busy evening service.

We got our pizza fix and to quote Mr R “it takes a special kind of pizza for me to still be thinking about it this much 2 days later”.

Cost: £49 approx. (food only)

1 flatbread, 2 starters, 2 mains, 1 dessert

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Evesham, Worcestershire, United Kingdom – last visited in April 2017

Food hygiene ratingvery good 5/5 – date of last inspection 1st June 2017

Food hygiene very good

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