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We were lucky enough to take a trip down to Devon recently and although the journey wasn’t too long we decided to stop in Bristol on the way back. The weather was terrible so there was really only one thing to do…get a burger! A quick google search for ‘best burger in Bristol’ and a couple of food blogs came up. One caught my attention immediately ‘Bristol’s Bad-Ass Burgers’ by Natalie Brereton. My boyfriend and I just loved the sound of Three Brothers Burgers. I tweeted @NatalieBrereton and promised I’d let her know what we thought, so this one’s for you Natalie!

Three Brothers is in a great location in Bristol over looking the floating harbour. We didn’t get to appreciate this fully during our visit on a wet Spring day but can imagine in the summer that this is a lively and fun place to be. We walked into the restaurant and were greeted by a female staff member who said the restaurant was full, I asked how long we’d need to wait for a table and she said about 20 minutes so we went to the bar for a drink whilst we waited. It was extremely busy, a good atmosphere though. Three Brothers are also known for their beers / lagers as well as burgers apparently, there were people sampling them at the bar whilst we ordered a coke and a G&T. I looked around for a while, taking in the quirky surroundings.

It didn’t take long at all for a table to be ready for us and over looking the harbour. We sat on a long wooden bench table which had another couple sat at the there end of it. It reminded me a little bit of a beer festival. We looked at the menu and quickly decided what we wanted to eat. Our waiter came to the table and explained to us that there was a £5 lunch deal which sounded like really good value. Being greedy and loving burgers as I do, my supersize burger choice didn’t fit into the deal but I didn’t mind paying for what I had anticipated to be a great burger. We ordered a milkshake each, my boyfriend went for the cheeseburger, I chose the Three Brothers Mega burger with extra gherkins and we also had some chilli cheese fries to share.

The Herefordshire beef patties were juicy and served in between fresh brioche buns. The burgers were really tasty and filling, I probably shouldn’t have ordered such a monstrous one but my eyes are almost certainly bigger than my stomach! The beef brisket chilli fries on the side was a meal in itself, but they were really good. The milkshakes were made with The Three Brothers own ice cream, I’d been tempted to try one of the hard shakes (with alcohol) that’s maybe one for next time. There was plenty of food and we thought it was really good value, especially if you go for the £5 lunchtime deal. I actually couldn’t finish my whole burger! The couple sat next to us were replaced my 3 student lads, we overheard them talking about what great value they thought it was too.

The Three Brothers was definitely something unique and we were glad we made the stop on the way home to give it a try. Thanks again for the recommendation Natalie, I’ll be looking out for more great foodie places on your blog.

Cost: £22.25 (food only)

1 cheeseburger, 1 mega burger, chilli cheese fries

The Three Brothers’ Menu

Bristol, United Kingdom – last visited in February 2017

Food hygiene ratingvery good 55 – date of last inspection 25th January 2017