The Elgar Inn, Earl’s Croome

The Elgar Inn, Earl’s Croome

The Elgar is one of my favourite places to eat locally. It’s close to home, the food is always good and the owners and staff have made my family feel so welcome at their restaurant that they have become good friends. Lupo and his team have done an exceptionally good job of rescuing what was previously the terrible ‘The Yorkshire Grey’ into a busy, vibrant, fun and charming restaurant serving fantastic food.

So you get the picture, I think The Elgar is great! I visit with family and friends pretty much weekly and have done since they opened, the menu caters for everyone and is fairly priced. There’s almost always a birthday celebration going on in the restaurant, including a few of our own. Last Sunday was no exception when my Dad organised a surprise get together for my Mum’s birthday. There were 13 of us chatting and drinking in the bar area when we arrived. Bruno who manages the restaurant was there to greet us all making sure everyone was being looked after with pre dinner glasses of prosecco, beer, wine and cocktails.

We were seated at our long table in the restaurant and I noticed there was an even larger group on the table behind. The noise from their party didn’t impact on us, the room could more than cope with us all. Everyone was busy chatting so I decided to order some starters for the table to share. The garlic bread with mozzarella is a must, we got 4 of those on the go along with a few portions of halloumi & tzatziki, breads & olives, and some mushroom bruschetta. Someone added a portion of calamari and some king prawns in to the mix and we grazed our way through the mountains of food which shortly arrived in front of us.

The wine and drinks flowed, there was always a member of staff on hand to ensure that no-one was going thirsty and the waiting staff cleared the remains of our starters away from the table. I was chatting to my boyfriend to one side of me and my uncle Tel to the other. Tel asked about Pershore Patty and why I mention ‘the boyfriend’ in my blog without revealing his name. A very good point indeed uncle Tel! And so from now on my boyfriend will be referred to by his actual name ‘Toby’ – sorry Tobe x

This was turning into quite the feast. The main course arrived and all looked great. Fully committed to ‘pig out’ I’d ordered the Pizza Amalfi with tomato, cheese, king prawns, anchovies, chilli, garlic & rocket salad. They were happy to replace the rocket salad with some lovely mussels making it the perfect pizza in my opinion. Toby had the Spaghetti di Mare, uncle Tel had the Kleftiko (lamb shank), I tried both and they were delicious. Some of the other dishes on the table included the Branzino (sea bass), Pollo dolcelatte (chicken with cheese sauce) and more Kleftiko. Everybody was happy and we ate as much as we could.

We sat and talked for a while until Bruno and his team came out with an enormous raspberry cheesecake with candles, the lights went off and we all sang ‘happy birthday’ to my Mum. A lovely and kind gesture from The Elgar followed by a round of complimentary after dinner drinks. We had been in the restaurant for around 4 hours by now and as designated driver for my lot it was time to take the drunk people home…salute!

Cost: approx. £60 (based on 2 people)

1 bottle wine, 2 starters, 2 main courses

The Elgar’s menu

Earl’s Croome, Worcestershire, United Kingdom – last visited in January 2017

Food hygiene ratingvery good 5/5- date of last inspection 22nd February 2017



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