Hanbao Burgers | Worcester

Hanbao Burgers | Worcester


I’d first heard about Hanbao, Worcester’s new and trendy burger restaurant from local brand agency ‘Design Religion’ who posted a teaser photo on Instagram. I was sooooo excited as burger’s are my thing and to find a good one you really do have to travel (in my opinion). I kept checking for information online but they hadn’t opened yet…such a tease! Like all good things though they do eventually come to those who wait.

Finally and after enviously viewing the launch party photos on social media, I had to go there as a matter of urgency. It was a Wednesday evening in the last week of November 2016, my frequently mentioned boyfriend and I went to check it out. Hanbao is a cocktail bar and burger restaurant with an urban vibe both with the music and interior, seemingly aimed for a younger clientele rather than families. I don’t mention this to criticise in any way, my point being purely to paint the picture.

We were greeted by attentive staff who were clearly very enthusiastic and excited about the menu as were we. I could have literally picked any one of those burgers, they all sounded incredible but we both decided to go with the double philly cheese which was absolutely immense. We also got a side order of the mac balls and a ‘big Buddha belly’ (waffle fries covered with pulled pork) and washed it all down with a bottle of red wine and a bottle of tap water – we basically annihilated the whole thing.

The burgers were tasty, stacked, cooked well and the different themes for each one on the menu were refreshingly unique. I couldn’t wait to come back and try another one, so we did a few weeks ago in January. This time it was just a quick lunch so just had a burger each without the sides. My boyfriend went for the ODB and my eye was on odd future. Again, both were fantastic and just as good as we’d hoped following our previous visit. The only downside was that the restaurant was very cold, but that may have been because it’s still very new…issues with the heating?

Verdict: burgertastic!!

Cost: approx. £50 for dinner (can’t quite remember and unable to check prices as not available online)

1 bottle red wine, 2 burgers and 2 side orders

Hanbao menu

Worcester, United Kingdom – visited November 2016 and January 2017

Food hygiene ratinggood 4/5 – date of last inspection 10th March 2017

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